“LeAnn and Eddie” recap: Rimes tricks paparazzi into snapping her naughty purse


LeAnn Rimes decided it was time to redecorate the Malibu pad, and was not exactly thrilled when her husband, Eddie Cibrian, attempted to offer his two cents’ during the seventh episode of her “semi-scripted” reality show, “LeAnn and Eddie.”

“Why don’t you take the media room and completely do it yourself,” a defensive LeAnn told Eddie after he suggested that she wasn’t interested in opinions that weren’t her own. (read more at FoxNews.com)

“LeAnn and Eddie” Recap: LeAnn Rimes worried window for having kids is closing


LeAnn Rimes’ mother is itching to have a granddaughter.

“You’re 31 years old–and you don’t want to wait too (long) to get started,” Belinda chided her daughter in the sixth episode of LeAnn’s “semi-scripted” VH1 reality show, “LeAnn and Eddie.”  “You know, I had the problems having you–taking 12 years–so you never know if it could be hereditary for you.” (read more at FoxNews.com)