Michael Keaton: “Robocop” costar’s costume a “sissy suit” compared to Batman’s

The original “Batman” movie was almost 25 years ago, but star Michael Keaton still seems traumatized by having to wear the Dark Knight’s big, black rubber suit.

“I’m very, very claustrophobic,” Keaton admitted to journalists gathered at the press junket for the reboot of another ‘80s hit starring an armored suit-wearing protagonist, “Robocop.” (read more at FoxNews.com)

Sofia Vergara ‘nervous’ about threesome sex scene with Sharon Stone


Golden Globe nominee Sofia Vergara may be best known as Gloria on ABC’s smash hit comedy “Modern Family,” but the Colombian-born funny lady tackled a very different kind of role in her latest film, John Turturro’s “Fading Gigolo.”

“It was a threesome scene that we were doing, which I was a little nervous about,” Vergara told FOX411 exclusively about her turn with cinematic icon Sharon Stone in the upcoming film. “She completely helped me with it. (She gave me) a lot of tips and secrets.” (read more at FoxNews.com)

50 years of Bond villains: How 007’s fiendish foes changed to reflect the times


The James Bond franchise, celebrating its 50th year in films this month, has always done one thing exceptionally well: Create really good bad guys. And like lapels and hemlines, Bond’s dastardly villains change with the times.

“My favorite has always been the classic Bond villains from the 1960s – you know, Goldfinger, Dr. No, Blofeld, Largo – the really kind of larger-than-life megalomaniac power-hungry villains who have absurd plans for blowing up Fort Knox,” media historian and James Bond fan Professor James Chapman, University of Leicester, told FOX411. (read more at FoxNews.com)