9 moments of unbridled sexual tension on “Gilligan’s Island”


Three single, able-bodied men in their prime are stranded on a remote, tropical island with two saucy knockouts. What do you think is going to happen? Nothing– at least, nothing sexual. There were, however, a few moments of sexual tension that could not be denied (and we’re not talking about the unconsummated relationship between the Skipper and his “Little Buddy”). (read more at FoxNews.com)

“Family Ties”: Alex P. Keaton’s Top 8 most conservative moments


“Family Ties,” the long-running sitcom about a family headed by pair of free-spirited hippies from the ‘60s who fell in love, and–ironically enough–sired a conservative, Reagan-worshiping son, ruled the airwaves in the 1980s. Alex P. Keaton, with his love of pressed suits, the Wall Street Journal and supply-side economics, gave his tree-hugging parents plenty of reasons to cringe. Here, we present some of the eldest Keaton’s most memorable political moments. (read more at FoxNews.com)

“I Love Lucy’s” 12 wackiest shenanigans


Lucille Esmeralda McGillicuddy Ricardo had a habit of making life a bit challenging for her traditional Cuban husband, Ricky Ricardo, on her namesake ’50s sitcom, “I Love Lucy.” The loopy redhead was determined to make it in showbiz, despite her husband’s disapproval. Ricky’s marginal fame as a nightclub bandleader allowed for plenty of opportunities for Lucy to steal the spotlight–and she even managed to have a few genuine brushes with fame. (read more at FoxNews.com)